The goal of an HyperCasual game is to be able to get users at a very low price and have a high retention rate. If you achieve both, your game will be considered a hit, and a publisher will be interested in publishing and scalling it globally to position it on the top charts.

Pull-Ups!   App Store

My first try into HyperCasual and the one that got the best results so far.
This prototype is based on the Salmon Ladder obstacle from American Ninja Warrior. The super simple and visually apealing mechanic, along with the popularity of the obstacle, made it a perfect fit for Hypercasual.


CPI: $0.15
Retention: 30% D1

This got me a soft launch with Voodoo. Together we made a few iterations to improve retention and monetization.

Finally, the game ended up not being published, because it could not scale globally, but thanks to these results I continued to work with them on multiple prototypes, and later with other publishers as well (Lion Studios, YSO Corp, Kwalee, Boom Hits).

Hyper Cooking

This prototype is based on Overcooked.

Cooking games are quite popular in the casual market, but there were practically none in HyperCasual. This, added to the popularity of Overcooked itself, made it a good candidate to get a low CPI.
In addition, the core loop had a great variety of mechanics, which made it very feasible to achieve high retention and high playtime.

Max McBullet

This prototype is based on the classic On-Rails Shooters of the 90s. Time Crisis anyone?

There was a time in the HyperCasual market when several shooters poped up with very good results.
Action games are not common in HyperCasual, as they tend to have high CPI and are difficult to scale, but these games, even having a high CPI, where achieving high retention and playtime.
I already had made an on-rails shooter before, so I saw the oportunity to make an HyperCasual version and try my luck.

Also, the core loop of this type of shooters makes it perfect for monetizing it using rewarded ads and in-app purchases.

Ghost Sweeper

My first Idle Arcade, using Ghostbusters theme.

This has been one of my last prototypes. Idle Arcade has become very popular and lot's of them are being published with great results.

The trend arises from the significant increase of CPI due to the arrival of iOS 14.5 and App Tracking Transparency. Because now it's more complicated to see low CPIs, publishers look for games with a higher playtime to compensate.

Ghost Sweeper has been made in collaboration with Boom Hits, taking advantage of their experience with Idle Arcade.

Trivia Contest

The idea behind this prototype was to mix trivia with the .io HyperCasual mechanic.

The player must position itself above the correct answer. When the time is up, if the player chooosed correctly, it will remain in the platform, if not, he will fall into the water, being eliminated.

.io games are very popular in HyperCasual. The player thinks he's competing against other players, but they're just bots. This mechanic generates good retention even with simple and repetitive levels.

Ghost Catchers!   App Store

Prototype made in a time where quite a few puzzle games where gettting into the top charts.

The large number of levels and the simplicity of them, made it a good candidate to achieve high retention.

The minimalistic style and bird's-eye view camera works perfectly with HyperCasual's visual standards.


Casual games made looking for a market gap to obtain organic downloads and thinking about future reskins that would provide good positioning in keywords of different themes.

Dirt Bike - Motocross Racing   App Store

BMX Boss Flip   App Store

Shooting Crisis   App Store

Soccer Caps League


Reskins of games that were working well, as a pure ASO strategy. The theme was chosen based on keywords that had many searches and/or little competition, with the objective of obtaining organic downloads.